Some of you who are reading this post might wonder why I decided to create my own website and put so much effort and time in developing it. So here’s a question for you: is it a website really necessary nowadays?
Well, as most of you might know, these days information about us are everywhere. Each time we post something on facebook, instagram and many other social netowrks, or whenever we subscribe to a new website, newsletter, an online shop or whatever, a huge amount of data about of us are somehow stored somewhere. Therefore, even though it might sound weird, this is exactly the reason why I created the website. Why? Well, that’s simple. Anyone could reach those information directly or not, but are those information reachable on the web always correct, true or intended? Do they represents yourself? In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding in this sense, I decided to build this simple interface, where people who wants to know more about me, the real me, are invited to have a look. If you are reading this post my strategy is somehow working!

In this website you’ll find a lot about me, my story, my projects, my research but also about my life, passions, goals and much more.

The site is currently under development, so many improvements and changings will appear soon! Stay tuned!